Jotne EPM Technology data products have successfully reduced development and product lifecycle costs through the use of intelligent data management in the areas of Defense, Aeronautics, Oil & Gas, Built Environment and Aerospace. Our suite of products is based upon the EXPRESS Data Manager™ utilizing ISO standards, particularly STEP ISO 10303 the Standard for the Exchange of Product Model data. Jotne EPM Technology has been developing STEP ISO 10303 Product Data Exchange software products since 1994.


The EDM5™ platform has been replaced by EDMsix™. The EDM5™ platform comprised a series of products like EDMdesktop™, EDMdeveloper™, EDMmodelServer™ and others. All EDM5™ products have been ported to the EDMsix™ platform. If you have a perpetual license for an EDM5™ product, and have not yet moved to the EDMsix™ platform, you may download the latest versions and configurations of EDM5™ here.

Note! All EDM5™ products have reached End of Development. These archived versions are available only to users with perpetual licenses.

Version Platform Comment Date Package Release Notes
5.2.100 MacOSX10.11.64bit gcc/32models 2016-08-18
5.2.100 RHEL6-64 gcc/32models 2015-11-04
5.2.100 RHEL7-64 gcc/32models 2017-01-12
5.2.100 Solaris10Sparc64 gcc/32models 2015-11-04
5.2.110 Windows 32bit vs2015/64models 2015-11-04
5.2.110 Windows 32bit vs2013/128models 2015-11-04
5.2.110 Windows 32bit vs2013/32models 2015-11-04
5.2.110 Windows 32bit vs6/128models 2015-11-04
5.2.100 Windows 32bit vs2010/32models 2015-11-04
5.2.100 Windows 32bit vs6/128models 2015-11-04
5.2.100 Windows 32bit vs2012/32models 2015-11-04
5.2.100 Windows 32bit vs6/512models 2015-11-04
5.2.100 Windows 32bit vs6/256models 2015-11-04
5.2.100 Windows 32bit vs6/64models 2015-11-04
5.2.100 Windows 32bit vs2012/64models 2013-05-29
5.2.100 Windows 32bit vs2010/64models 2013-05-30
5.2.110 Windows 64bit vs2015/32models 2015-11-04
5.2.110 Windows 64bit vs2013/32models 2015-11-04
5.2.110 Windows 64bit vs2008/128models 2015-11-04
5.2.110 Windows 64bit vs2008/32models 2015-11-04
5.2.100 Windows 64bit vs2012/32models 2015-11-04
5.2.100 Windows 64bit vs2008/32models 2015-11-04
5.2.100 Windows 64bit vs2010/32models 2015-11-04
5.2.100 Windows 64bit vs2008/64models 2015-11-04
contact us if you cannot find your EDM5™ configuration above.