Jotne EPM Technology data products have successfully reduced development and product lifecycle costs through the use of intelligent data management in the areas of Defense, Aeronautics, Oil & Gas, Built Environment and Aerospace. Our suite of products is based upon the EXPRESS Data Manager™ utilizing ISO standards, particularly STEP ISO 10303 the Standard for the Exchange of Product Model data. Jotne EPM Technology has been developing STEP ISO 10303 Product Data Exchange software products since 1994.


EDMmodelServerManager™ (MSM) is a Windows client to the EDMmodelServer™ for server administration, BIM management and server-side Express (ISO-10303-11) script development. IFC models can be imported, merged, split and re-exported. A report module, property sheet, viewer and instance browser for IFC data is provided.

IFC models are related to the enterprise master data like buildings, projects and business units.Models are hosted with user or role-based access control. MSM is the administration tool for the Enterprise BIM Server™ with different types of webservices and programming interfaces making an integration hub for building and construction and management of facilities.

Version Platform Comment Date Package Release Notes Windows 2021-02-02 Windows 2021-01-06 Windows 2020-11-04
Note that EDMmodelServerManager™ requires access to an Enterprise BIM Server™.