Jotne EPM Technology data products have successfully reduced development and product lifecycle costs through the use of intelligent data management in the areas of Defense, Aeronautics, Oil & Gas, Built Environment and Aerospace. Our suite of products is based upon the EXPRESS Data Manager™ utilizing ISO standards, particularly STEP ISO 10303 the Standard for the Exchange of Product Model data. Jotne EPM Technology has been developing STEP ISO 10303 Product Data Exchange software products since 1994.


Based on EXPRESS-G, the graphical notation for EXPRESS, EDMvisualExpress™ gives you all the tools you need - and many, many more - for visualizing and creating data models in EXPRESS.

EDMvisualExpress™ is widely recognized for its unique on-screen working environment. Within minutes a new user can create data models that are automatically translated into EXPRESS source code and an advanced user can modify complex EXPRESS schemata. EEDMvisualExpress™ has been carefully designed to meet the daily needs of all users, ranging from novices to experts in the areas of data modeling, EXPRESS (or both)..

Version Platform Comment Date Package Release Notes
5.92.201 Windows The one and only 2021-09-03
This product requires a license from Jotne EPM Technology AS. If you do not already have a license, please contact us if you want to evaluate.