Collection is a supertype of Node, PBS and Baseline. It groups a couple of functions serving the concepts


makes node/pbs editable or not, depending of input

To call the query logged in user shall be associated with a person granted with administrative privileges over whole pbs (ADMIN_TYPE for the person or group where the person is registered)

QUERY_FUNCTION collection_set_editable(id: INTEGER; flag: BOOLEAN): BOOLEAN

id target instance id
flag TRUE to make node/pbs editable
FALSE to prohibit editing/update

Returns value of the editable status = TRUE if editable, FALSE - if not


checks all STEP files attachments in scope of specified node_collection (could be node, pbs or baseline) and return list of their statuses

To call the query logged in user shall be associated with a person granted with reader privileges over the specified collection

QUERY_FUNCTION collection_check_validations(
      id                   : INTEGER;
      not_validated_only   : BOOLEAN) :  LIST OF attached_file_validation_line
id instance id of a pbs, baseline or node instance where status of STEP files validation shell be checked (in full depth)
return_all TRUE to return list of all checked files (the last parameter in the case is ignored)
FALSE to return only info for files with negative validation status (valid = FALSE) or not validated (valid = UNKNOWN)
not_validated_only TRUE if report only not validated files (valid = UNKNOWN)

Returns list of attached STEP files with their validation status, see attached_file_validation_line

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